We wrote about our discoveries with AIĀ + Google. Read it here.

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You spent millions building your brand, don't let AI ruin it in minutes.

Google and other platforms punish brands for using AI content. Scan and protect your entire domain for these content issues and resolve them.

Built for publishers, UGC brands, and more.

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Built to protect brands and amplify SEO.

If any user in your platform uses AI, you're risking your entire brand. From contributed content to reviews. Google considers AI content spam. Address the problem before it's too late.

See how Willie works right here:

Analyze an entire domain for issues and address them with your teams.

Get a holistic view of your brand.

  • Audit hundreds of URLs in the blink of an eye.

    Add your domain as a project and instantly scan your entire domain for issues. No more single-scanning to double-check for AI.

  • Get a domain score.

    Quickly understand how much AIĀ content is in your system and what the overall risk and damage may be.

  • Quickly resolve issues.

    Quickly identify URLs that are causing problems, resolve them, and see your overall SEOĀ improve.

Simple pricing

Three tiers depending on the size of your organization.

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  • Up to 2 site projects
  • Track up to 50 URLs
  • Up to 25 URLĀ audits
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  • Up to 5 site projects
  • Track up to 200 URLs
  • Up to 50 URLĀ audits
  • Access to customer support
  • Domains audited weekly


  • Unlimited site projects
  • Track up to 1,500 URLs
  • 100 URLĀ audits
  • Add team members to projects
  • Access to customer support
  • Domains audited daily
  • Access to SEOĀ strategists

Larger solutions available. Contact us for more.

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Common questions

Will Google really penalize our brand?

Yes. With the latest Google helpful content update, your entire brand is at risk of losing any rankings if it detects AIĀ content.

Do we need this if we don't do SEO?

Yes. If you have AIĀ content on support pages, reviews, UGC pages, or anywhere on the websiteā€”your organic rankings are at risk. There's a significant possibility that you are getting organic traffic for keywords that you're unaware of. We recommend using ahrefs.com to see what keywords your organic traffic is coming from.

How accurate is Willie?

We use multiple models and developed our own heuristics to match our needs. The accuracy is the best we've seen in the market.

Does Willie improve my rankings?

It's hard to tell the impact that AIĀ content has had on a domain, if there is any. This is why Willie will review a domain periodically to find new content and ensure that it does not have any AIĀ written material. We can safely suggest that having no AI content on your domain will 3X the potential of your website performing on organic search.

What doesĀ Willie do?

Willie will find URLs under your domain and scan them for potential AIĀ content use. Once Willie finds AIĀ content in your system, it will flag the URL and alert your team for you to resolve it. AIĀ content should get eliminated from your URL in order to protect your website from being marked as SPAM by Google and other search engines. Google considers AI content a "site-wide" issue. Meaning, if their crawlers find AIĀ content on support pages, your blog articles would be affected. Willie looks through your entire domain to spot issues and shows them to you in seconds.

Does Google truly spot AIĀ generated content?

The reality is that Google will only get better at this. As AIĀ content generation improves, Google will improve. And so will we. We believe that content should be written by humans, as it stands to have the most creative and insightful material available to users. And we believe that the internet should should maintain the level of knowledge that is today, or greater. AI writing, while useful, generally can't think creatively. Meaning, it cannot develop strategic insights and cross two theoretical subjects to be truly insightful. Don't believe us? Ask AIĀ content writers to design you a day trading strategy that's profitable... it doesn't work.